Hi Darryl,

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Some questions:

1) Do you consider yourself an historian, a writer, or a podcaster first?

2) What is your mother's maiden name?

3) How much of a government/CIA/glowie op do you think the Floyd riots were? Like percentage? Certain cities more than others?

4) What was the first concert you attended?

5) Not a question but fun fact: a coworker of mine's dad did plumbing work for Jim Jones in Indianapolis and got stiffed. Apparently Jones was well known for this amongst the contractors in Indy.

6) What was the make and model of your first car?


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When you and Jocko gonna do an unraveling again?

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Have you heard anything from your boy Tucker? You two should collaborate on something.

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When will the recommended books list on your website be posted?

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DC - what's your outlook on the future of California, and why have you stayed out there for so long? I spent some time growing up in San Diego and have since relocated to a red state and am very happy with my decision (even if SD is one of the saner parts of the state).

As an aside - I think it would be great if you did some sort of in-depth podcast series on the '92 LA riots. A lot of us younger millennials were never taught much about the riots in school. Until I watched the documentary "LA 1992", I didn't appreciate the extent to which disorder prevailed for some time and how the whole event parallels what we saw in 2020.

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Hey Daryl,

I’d like to know: what are your thoughts on doing a series on the Kennedy assassination?

I recently watched Oliver Stone’s JFK and I’ve been diving into all the conspiracies. I’m curious what your take on it would be, and if it would be similar to your Epstein series.

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Will you and Jocko be doing anymore Unraveling podcasts?

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No comment or question other than please don't feel obligated to release "more" content. The history episodes alone would be good value for my money, so don't beat yourself up over it.

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What is the best version of the Bible? I know you have previously recommended a specific version which I think is as close to a direct Greek translation as is available. I cannot remember which version this is. Thanks.

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For every random Twitter troll you tell to eat shit gets you one more week to put out the podcast!

Take your time to make it good, but not enough to make it perfect.

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Apr 25Liked by Darryl Cooper

In some of your earlier episodes you’ve talked a little bit about Hawaiian history and cultural practices. Where’d the interest come from? Did you spend time here while you were in the Navy? I was really surprised at how much “cultural rhyming” I experienced listening to you talk about Appalachia and the Scotch Irish in the prologue and first ‘Who’s America’ episode.

We always joked growing up that we’re tropical rednecks. I never realized how true that was until learning more about that part of America.

Also that immigration discussion you had was especially heavy for me, since the kinds of immigration policies the U.S. has been implementing destroyed my people in a political/demographic sense.

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Hey Darryl,

I heard you talking about how the USA is becoming non-white and that you think we should stop immigrants. I get that we need to be careful not to overload infrastructure and services, but I don't think the USA has to be white dominant. Don't you think the USA should belong to all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity?

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for your work that I really appreciate!

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Am I crazy, or does it seem like a lot of the things the Unabomber in his manifesto was warning the world about is now our reality? Pace of technology being unstoppable, etc... Should we be revisiting where he said all this would lead us to?

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My take on Tucker Carlson's excommunication from Fox is that internal forces see hm as a hinderance to going mainstream in their national status and his attacks on the majority of the D.C. political machine made him a liability. How does this square with your view.

A secondary question is how did Dominion win such a huge payout from Fox? My understanding is that Carlson only offered those who were accusing them of malfeasance an opportunity to show their evidence and that he privately expressed doubt about their charges.

Stan Huie, Fredericksburg, VA

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How long do you give it before China moves on Taiwan and do you have any bud lights in the cooler?

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Obviously you won't be writing about him in Claremont Review but what do you think of RFK Jr? I just read a really good article and interview on and of him in Tablet by a writer named David Samuels. Samuels writes of RFK Jr, "He believes that conspiracy theories are not only real but define American reality." Any thoughts on the guy?

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